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Before NKYK9 Remi was somewhat of an aggressive dog….

Before NKYK9 Remi was somewhat of an  aggressive dog, that didn’t listen, and ran away on a regular basis.  After working with Belinda for just 4 weeks, we have seen a huge  transformation in Remi. She is still the cute and quirky dog we love but  now she is happier, listens, stays close, and doesn’t pounce on other  dogs and people when walking or biking. We look forward to seeing the other positive changes take place as we continue to work with her. Thank you for all your help! Kendra and Kelly

We just cannot believe you accomplished this in 7 days.

 I just wanted to say thanks for the work you did with Tex.  Kim and I laugh and say we are pretty sure he is still Tex, because he knows his name, but his behavior has astounded us.  We had no idea how well behaved he could be.  And he is still a happy little terrier.  But we no longer have jumping or biting and the times we “lovingly” referred to him as LCD-Little Crazy Dog.
We just cannot believe you accomplished this in 7 days.  He is great with place and wait and come and last night, he and I did about a three mile walk through our neighborhood (which includes a park area) and he was the model dog.
Just amazing and our dollars could not have been put to a better use.  I know he is happier and we damned sure are.  Thanks and if you ever need a testimonial, give them our names. 

Paul  and Kim    Thanks to Northern KY K9 training, I have the dog I’ve always wanted!    I brought my 8-year old male Irish Setter/Lab, Koa, to Jeff after moving to a new subdivision and being fearful that Koa’s barking and running off would not be taken very well in this neighborhood.  Also, Koa walked me on most of our walks which made it a chore not an enjoyment and jumped on people whenever they walked up to him.  I knew he was still a very smart dog, but thought he may be too old to learn something new, you know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”   Koa went to stay with Jeff in June 2009 for one week and ever since then it has been a pleasure to walk and play with him.  He even stays beside me while I do yard work and I can take him on walks without being pulled.  He responds very well to the voice commands so I rarely if ever have to use the collar and he can walk “off leash”, it’s great!  And, if he barks at night I just tell him “No” and he stops immediately!   He is an outside dog and is kept in a pen.  This past winter’s last big snow made the tarp on his pen sag down, so Koa got up on top of his doghouse and climbed onto the tarp and over the top of the pen.  My neighbor called me that morning to say that she saw Koa out having fun in the snow.  Panicked, I went out and called for him thinking there is no way I would be able to catch him since he didn’t have his collar on.  But Koa came running to me when he heard me calling and sat right down beside me.  Unbelievable!  This is a dog that was known for running out of our underground fence and me chasing him all over our old neighborhood on numerous occasions until he got tired and came home on his own 2 hours later.   It has been almost a year now and Koa is still doing great!  Thanks to Jeff and Northern Kentucky Canine Training, I have the dog I’ve always wanted!   Randa B.
Union, KY    

All in all – OUTSTANDING!!!!!

 Just wanted to let you know that Zeke is doing outstanding!!!!!   We are pleasantly shocked at the transformation.   Walks through the neighborhood have been fun for all three of us. We had Zeke leashless in the front yard last week for almost two hours while cleaning up garden beds. He walked beside us on command, and held his place when told – and there were lots of distractions: school bus, cars, walkers (including one with dog) and chipmunks!   We continue to work with him daily – inside and out, and find that we rarely need to “push the button”. Sometimes Zeke just needs to see us holding the device and that’s all it takes. We may have worked with him too much the first few days….. he would eat his dinner and immediately fall asleep by 5pm. It was hard to wake him to go out before we retired for the night. He seems to be very happy/content and quieter in the house and yard. No jumping on windows….. and the neighbors have noticed!   Yesterday our grandkids were here and there was no jumping! (Although his little stubb nearly wiggled off his back end!) He stays on place when told when the doorbell rings, although sometimes he wiggles off a leg at a time until I correct him. All in all – OUTSTANDING!!!!!   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!   Karen & Vince P.
Zeke- Young Boxer

“we get so many compliments on the girls’ behavior while we’re out”

 In January our 10 year old Golden Retriever Ginger passed away. Ginger was our first dog and we missed her dearly. After consulting with friends and other dog lovers we decided to bring two Golden’s into our household. Our sons are in college and so the new girls Jessie and Casey became a part of our family. We were looking into help in training our new girls since after reading many articles on the subject many experts and owners suggested training is essential to a happy long relationship with your dog. Looking back with Ginger we had no idea what we were doing and for her I am sorry we did not know then what we know now. I searched the internet for dog trainers and chose to call Northern Kentucky K9. This was one of the best decisions we have made. I remember having Belinda come over to evaluate our girls and wow did we learn a lot. I must say we were skeptical at first and had a lot of doubt of how you could train young pups to do the things that Belinda described during the consultation. We scheduled our girls for early June boarding and training (this was February) when the girls would be at least 5 months old. I can now tell you that this was a great experience. Jessie and Casey are now 8 1/2 months and 9 months old respectively now and I must say we could never be more pleased. They walk on leash and off leash, place and sit on command and seem to be happy with the stable routine. When there are distractions when out they stay focused and listen to our commands. They still have moments sometimes since they are pups but these behaviors are easily addressed. Also I remember when we had our go home session and I asked Belinda can we get your help from time to time if we are having issues or need questions answered. She responded that we are your trainers for life and she was so right. When we board our girls when we are away Belinda and Jeff spend time with them and the reinforcement training helps tremendously. Also we get so many compliments on the girls behavior while we are out with them that I must say it almost makes you boastful when you see another dog walking its owner or not listening to commands. We would highly recommend Northern Kentucky K9. The money we spent was well worth it.    Jeff and Carolyn C.         

I heartily recommend Northern Kentucky K9 to anyone with a dog

 It is difficult to put into a few words exactly what Northern Kentucky K9 provides.  It’s more than just dog training; the owners give of their attitudes and personalities as well.  Some of the adjectives I would use to describe Belinda and Jeff and the outlooks they project are: professional, up-to-date/state-of-the-art, responsive, helpful, personable, and personal.  From first contact, they were timely in response, whether by phone or e-mail, and their answers to questions were individualized and well thought-out, not general or perfunctory. We got more than we expected when we contracted with them – I never would have thought they might recommend a dog bed, or a great kennel, or provide different types of leashes and collars for us “to try”.  My faith in their ability to provide excellent training came from the respect my dog showed them every time he was with them.  I heartily recommend Northern Kentucky K9 to anyone with a dog, not only for an enhancement of your relationship with your pet but for other services they can provide; for example, you never know when you might need someone who knows your dog to come and take him for a walk.  I suppose one of the highest compliments you can pay a person is to try to imitate their behavior because you see its effectiveness. My daughter and I both try to make our voices sound like Belinda’s when she tells a dog he has been “very good”. We never manage to convey quite the extent of praise that her tone of voice gives those words, but we’ll continue practicing!

Nancy A.
Edgewood, KY           

“Our Dog Archie Came Home a New Man”

 After ten days of training with NKYK9, our dog Archie came home a new man. He no longer runs out whenever the door is open, and if he gets ahold of something he shouldn’t have, he now obeys our command to drop it. Needless to say, we are thrilled and truly believe that this training has saved Archie’s life and returned ours to normal as he is no longer in the street or eating our socks!   Thanks,


 My husband and I thought we needed to enlist in training for our two Maltese, Cooper and Champ, when we found out we were going to have a new addition to our family.  The boys barked, bit at guests pants when they came in our home, especially kids! and did not come, sit, stay, lay down or stop barking on command. I am permitted to take them to work, but couldn’t because they would disturb co-workers. These behaviors intensified as my pregnancy got under way. We called NKYK9 and it was the best thing we could have done!   After training for 10 days away from home, they came back new dogs. They listen to all the commands Jeff at NKYK9 taught them and they seem to be much happier with boundaries in place. I can take them to work, and many other places, with no problems and they don’t attack anyone who comes to our home! We have full control. It was very easy to implement Jeff’s training at home and continue what he had started. There are no hesitations about Cooper and Champ being around our new baby and we now have the peace of mind we were once lacking.  THANK YOU, NKYK9!  It was well worth it!!!   Katie and David N.    

Two 5 month, Golden Retriever Pups w/ Communication Skills!

 Belinda,   A great thanks to Jeff and you for all you have done. The girls are doing remarkably well and the things they have learned clearly show. I walked them this morning and even off leash around our property and I was amazed. No pulling and they listened to me for instruction. When they did try to go out on their own I corrected them and no issue. I forgot to mention that three dogs were out during our walk as well as a jogger and they stayed right by my side focused on our walk. I promise I will stay in touch as I see this as the beginning to a lot to come for us. Let me know when the place board comes in. I do want to work on this regularly. Have a great week!   Regards,

Communication is Key!

 We truly appreciate the valuable training Jeff from NKYK9 provided to our dog, Archie, as well as to us as his owners.  Prior to the training, we didn’t have the proper tools to enforce boundaries, therefore our dog literally walked all over us.  Now, we are continuing the foundation Jeff provided and our dog is well-behaved and respects the rules we now know how to enforce.  We are very happy with the wonderful work NKYK9 performed!   Thanks!
Loretta R.    

NKYK9 Training has saved our home!!

 We  have 2 Lhasa Apsos, one 6 years old and a puppy (of 18 month). There  was an enormous amount of jealously from the older dog when the pup was  introduced. This led to vicious attacks that drew blood. We were at our  wits end.  We loved our dogs and didn’t want to be put in a position of  choosing which one of them to give up.     Then  we discovered NKYK9 dog training. They are very thorough. They come to  your home to see the interaction first hand and make a recommendation  for corrective behavior.    I admit I was skeptical that the dog’s behavior could be controlled by training.     WOW, were we surprised! NKYK9’s intense training has made our house a happy place to come home to.     Thank You, NKYK9 Training    Gina & Ron S.     


 In February of 2008 we welcomed Lucy Lou, a red and white border collie, into our lives. She  is relatively calm (as far as the breed goes) and took to sit and stay  fairly rapidly, but that was as far as her training had gotten when in  November, at 18 months, she was elected as Mayor of Rabbit Hash KY.  Overnight it became imperative that she must be one of the best behaved  dogs on the planet! As Mayor, Lucy’s duties include Spokespet for the  Northern KY Women’s Center’s Pet Protection Program, public appearances,  and TV and newspaper interviews.   After 5 days  with Jeff Gowen her behavior is close to perfect. She sits, stays,  comes, waits at doors and before getting out of the truck, goes to her  “place”, walks by me off leash and doesn’t pull as hard on leash, shakes  paws and is far less aggressive towards other dogs! (That last one  needs work, but hey! Jeff only had a couple of days to work on it and  the good thing is, he remains available for consultation should we need  it).   I am constantly  being complimented on what a well behaved dog Lucy Lou is. She even  poses for photographers! There is no way I could have gotten her to this  point so quickly on my own. NKY K9 has been the perfect solution to our  dilemma, and I’ll be recommending them to everyone I know who needs a  quick turn around in their pet, no matter what the reason!    Bobbi K     

We are SO happy that we found NKY K9…

 We are SO happy that we found NKY K9 to help train our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We got Teddy when he was 18 months old and he was a wonderful dog!!!  We wanted to be sure that we were doing everything that we could to help him be a great family dog with our 3 year old and would adjust to a new home.  Belinda was phenomenal!!!!   She gave us great tips on training, information about the breed and overall support to help us train Teddy to potty outside, take walks with us, where Teddy wasn’t pulling us down the street, and good behavior inside the house.  We highly recommend this program and are continuing training beyond our recommended 4 weeks!    Theresa D.
Burlington, KY    

It’s so great to watch him becoming the great dog I knew he could be.

 If you feel you’re at the end of your dog leash…..please give NKY K9 a call.   Robby is a handsome little Sheltie that I  rescued but he came with a lot of “baggage”.  He was very timid and  afraid and had some behavioral problems.  I tried
a group obedience class that because of his anxiety was a nightmare for  Robby and created more issues.  Then I scheduled an appointment with my  vet to discuss
behavior modification.  I felt a little better after the session but it  did little for Robby.  I read lots of dog obedience books and watched  the dog obedience shows
on TV.  I just couldn’t seem to make the connection and Robby’s problems were escalating.    I was beginning to think I was going to  have to find a new home for Robby.  Instead I found the NKY K9 site on  the web.  It sounded too good to be true.  The trainer
will actually come to my house and work with us in a real environment – one on one????  That is exactly what I was looking for!   I called Belinda and she came to evaluate  Robby.  Belinda’s professionalism, experience, and knowledge was evident  from the first moment she came through the
door.  We talked about the problems Robby had and the goals I wanted to  achieve with him.  So far Robby and I have had two training sessions  with Belinda and I cannot believe the difference.  Before when I would  try to take Robby for a walk he would hide. Then once I got the collar  and leash on him he would lunge and pull.  Now when I get his leash he  gets so excited…..he enjoys his training sessions with me and he really  enjoys going for a walk.   I want to thank Belinda so much because I’m  feeling much more confident with Robby. It’s so great to watch him  becoming the great dog I knew he could be. 


“If you have a member of the family that is unruly, wild or just does not listen..

 “If you have a member of the family that is unruly, wild or just does not listen, Jeff Gowen is your man! As a friend of dogs and one who will understand them, he will change your dog before your eyes. We have a one year old that Jeff started working with several months ago and I can now walk, run, or play with her in open places with no fear of her running off, walking into traffic, or jumping on people walking by. She now understands the commands through the sound of my voice or just hand signals. We now walk her every night and just love how she behaves.”   - Ryan     

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

 Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  for helping get our Weim under control. Your
working with Brutis has made such a difference. He is easier to handle, he has
stopped pulling when being walked and no longer jumps on people. The hand signals
and voice commands are very simple and easy for the whole family to use.   Thanks Again!     

Since Training, we have been simply amazed at the change in both our dogs’…

 “Before we came to Belinda our household was in a bit of chaos. We  had recently adopted an 8 week old puppy, Isabella, as a playmate for  our 1 1/2 year old Border
Collie, Brodie. At night, Isabella would bark and howl to the top of her  lungs and we were having some problems with her biting everyone that  tried to hold her. At the
same time we were also having issues with Brodie pulling excessively on  the leash when walked and his selective hearing when asked to sit, lay  down, or go in his
cage. When we met Belinda, we were greatly impressed with her level of  knowledge as well as experience working with dogs. Since training, we  have been simply amazed at the change in both our dogs’ behavior as well  as attitude. After only a few sessions, Brodie no longer pulls when  walked, sits, lays down, and goes in his cage at command. He even seems  more confident and much less hyper. Isabella is now quiet throughout the  entire night and no longer nips at people when she is held. Grooming is  even an enjoyable experience now. I don’t believe we would have gotten  the results we’ve experienced had we not chosen Northern KY K-9. The  training we received was highly effective and very affordable. And I  feel that we could not have found another trainer who possessed  Belinda’s dedication to her clients and their dogs. I would highly  recommend Northern KY K-9 to anyone having behavior issues with their  dog or who simply wants to further their dog’s  training.”                                                                                          

-Zarinah Mitchell and Aron Randolph