Puppy Programs

What to Expect

 Your puppy’s training begins the moment you bring him or her home, even if you don’t realize it. It is estimated that last year over 4 million pets were euthanized in this country alone, primarily by owners who got off to a bad start with their new pet and behavior problems followed. During the first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life is when they form the majority of their attitudes towards their environment, including people and other animals. New puppy owners shape the behavior of their new canine companion, even if they’re not in a formal training program.   To assist in preventing possible future behavior problems and to get the new puppy started off on the right paw, Northern Kentucky K9 offers a broad program for new owners. We’ll educate owners on how to teach their puppy limits they can understand, confidence building, proper handling, the importance of proper socialization, effective communication, how to decrease behavior issues and to better understand their new puppy’s needs. Owners will have the opportunity to ask questions of a professional trainer regarding their puppy and receive guidance on possible causes and solutions to problems. The important topics of house breaking, play biting, toy selection, grooming and much more are also covered. Owners will receive a packet of valuable information relating to the health and proper care of their new puppy. (Young, well-mannered family members are encouraged to participate so the whole family knows how to handle their new puppy.)   Requirements for all Puppy Education Programs–
Any breed or breed mix puppy may start this program between the ages of 7  and 15 weeks. Puppies must be current on all vaccinations, seen by a  licensed veterinarian and in good general health. 

Puppy Consultation (In Home)

Just looking for some guidance on  getting your puppy headed in the right   direction? A Puppy Consultation may be exactly what you need!  This is an opportunity to have the trainer meet with you and your puppy  in your home and consult with you regarding your personal challenges,  offering guidance geared specifically toward that. 
   One on one, in your home, covering the above topics.
Rate: $125  (includes one session; approx 1.5-2 hrs in the NKY  area - additional cost for travel if outside of Boone, Kenton, Campbell  counties) 

Puppy Preschool (Group Class at Erlanger Pet Resort & Day Spa)

 Five 1 hour sessions, group class, offered at the Erlanger Pet Resort & Day Spa.  In addition to the above topics addressed in the Puppy Consultation, we’ll cover a variety of object socialization and handling exercises. You and your puppy can begin this training program any week and attend 5 straight sessions.  Contact us or Erlanger Pet Resort at (859) 727-3940 for more information and get your puppy started off right! Rate – $125