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Why should I train my dog?
Obedience training builds communication and brings structure to your dog’s life.  Dogs need structure and leadership, like children, to feel secure in their environment.  Training also prevents and solves many behavior problems.  If your dog is well-trained you’re able to trust him more with strangers, children and new situations. Through customized training we’re able to help shy dogs build confidence and hyper dogs learn restraint. This allows you take your dog more places with you and thus create an even stronger bond with him. 

My dog is still very young, is she too young to understand training?
Puppies are learning all the time from the moment they are born.  Basic manners training should start between 7 and 14 weeks of age.  The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial in their development.  Formal obedience training can begin as early as 14-16 weeks of age.  They are eager to learn at this age and their brains are particularly responsive to learning and retaining their experiences.  

How old is too old to train?
Dogs never stop learning.  Contrary to the old wives’ tale, you really can teach them new tricks.  Older dogs have a higher mental maturity level and often comprehend the expectations quicker.  They also enjoy having the one-on-one attention.  Provided something isn’t being asked of your older dog that he isn’t physically capable of, he’s just as capable of learning as a young dog. 

How long will it take to train my dog?
Our training is customized to meet the goals of the owner and based on the personality, socialization skills and learning aptitude of your canine companion.  The initial training is dependent on the goals of the owner and the program chosen.  However, the overall success of the training is based on how the owner implements it at home and changes patterns and behaviors.  The owner’s willingness to incorporate the obedience commands into everyday life, as instructed by the trainer, is crucial for success.  The time and energy you invest will determine how much you and your dog are able to accomplish. 

Can sheltered and rescued dogs be trained?
Absolutely! Rescued dogs make wonderful companions and are just as trainable as a dog with a stable history.  Even if they’ve been abused physically or mentally in their previous environment, we can bring out their true personality. 

What kind of training do you use?
We have experience and knowledge in a wide variety of training styles.  We can provide you with information on each, make recommendations on which method will bring the best results based on your goals and let you make your decision.  

Is it OK for my family to be involved in the training?
Absolutely!  Everyone in the family needs to know how to properly handle the family dog.  All well mannered children are encouraged to attend.  If you have small children, we recommend having an alternate adult available to assist in supervising.  

What form of payment do you accept ?
Northern Kentucky K9, LLC., accepts cash, personal checks and the following credit cards; Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. **If a check is returned, there is a $25 returned check fee.** If multiple sessions are scheduled, a minimum payment of the initial session is due upon scheduling, with the remaining portion due at or prior to the first session. We offer a discount for payments made in cash or via check for our Residency Programs. See the Training Programs page for details under each program. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Your success is important to us at NKY K9! To help you succeed, we have planned and blocked a session or program time specifically for you and/or your dog. Because of this, if your plans should change and you’re unable to keep a scheduled session, please contact us as soon as possible so we may be able to utilize that time elsewhere. If you’re able to contact us 24 or more hours in advance for private sessions or 3 days in advance for residency programs, we’ll be happy to reschedule your session or program without any cancellation fee. However, if you must cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled private session or within 3 days of a residency program or do not notify us of your inability to attend, we regret that we will be unable to reschedule or refund that session or program without additional costs.